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How to break hidden patterns and deepen self-trust so you can create YOUR happily ever after, even if you’ve already tried everything and believe you may just be broken.

Discover the proven formula to heal the past once and for all so you can be at peace, trust yourself to make better choices and create the relationship you secretly desire with the person who is right for you, without wasting anymore time analyzing your ex and reliving the past.

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“I feel like I have made more progress with you in the past two months than I have throughout my life in Counseling! You were truly a gift given to me.”

– Karin

“Veronika Archer has the instincts of a shaman, healer, and sage. During our first conversation she quickly identified within me behaviors that would hinder my success – deeply rooted personal issues that I have buried since childhood. She provided me with a variety of tools so I can begin the healing process and helped lay the groundwork for a positive life.” 

– Dave Coleman

“I'm only 2 sessions into Veronika's coaching program and already am overflowing with gratitude for having met her.

The stuff she's helping me deal with is heavy: childhood trauma, twin flame breakup, and even psychic breakthroughs. Not the kind of stuff I'd ever feel safe talking to a conventional therapist about, especially as a queer poly person of color.

Veronika's sensitivity to and understanding of my spiritual beliefs is the highlight of my interactions with her. She goes way beneath the surface in her approach to healing and her feedback is direct and compassionate.”


“Thank you for your wonderful coaching. You are fabulous!!!!”

– Chris

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