Healing the Narcissistic Imprint™ 7 Energy Layers Deep


Congratulations on taking this step to heal from your past once and for all so you can step into your purpose and create the life you truly want!

We know you’re busy juggling “all the things”, so this Masterclass is provided in 3 short segments so you can easily fit it in (or binge watch it all at once)!

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Part 1: The Awakening to Empowered Creation Pathway

Discover where you are in the journey to Empowered Creation and why the healing approaches you’ve taken so far aren’t getting you to the next level.

Part 2: The Narcissistic Imprint™

Learn how Imprints are magnets for what’s showing up in your life. Discover ways the Narcissistic Imprint ™ may be sabotaging your purpose, parenting, and partnership.

Part 3: Healing on All 7 Energy Layers

Discover the root cause for recurring painful patterns and how to shift the Narcissistic Imprint ™ once and for all so you can effortlessly magnetize the life you truly want, impacting the world, parenting effectively, and joyfully partnered.

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