If you’re reading this and there’s a narcissist in your past, keep reading.

You’ve done the work. You’ve healed a lot… but making progress in certain areas of life still feels painful

 (namely joyful partnership, parenting effectively, and living your purpose).

Here’s why.

The TRUTH is that past painful experiences leave an IMPRINT on your system – and until that imprint is healed on all 7 layers – it is secretly running the show!

If this resonates, you’re invited to my free live event.

Freedom to Prosper

Healing the Narcissistic Imprint™ on All 7 Energy Layers

Learn how to heal from the past once and for all so you can effortlessly create the life you truly want, living your calling and impacting the world at the level you already know is meant for you.

Veronika Archer
with Veronika Archer, Intuitive Transformation Guide

This live workshop is for you if you’ve already done a lot of work to heal from the narcissist in your past but you’re still:

  • Wondering if it’s actually possible to feel joy consistently, after all, you’ve already done SO much work
  • Dealing with triggers that drive you bonkers and wasting your time overcoming them, instead of just enjoying your life!
  • Thinking about your ex, no matter how hard you try to stop
  • Feeling like you’re meant to impact the world on a much bigger level but you’re afraid to let go of your steady paycheck or to be seen in the world for who you really are
  • Wanting to make the most of the next phase of life, but just don’t know how
  • Desiring deepfelt trust so you can experience closeness, connection and true intimacy
  • Wanting to live your purpose and contribute to moving the world in a positive direction (even if you’re not sure what your purpose is)

In this 60-Minute Energy Workshop, you will discover:

  • Why the healing approaches you’ve already learned so far aren’t getting you to the next level.
  • The power of the Narcissistic Imprint ™ and how it may be sabotaging your purpose, parenting, and partnership.
  • The seven energy layers you need to heal – and why they are essential to getting unstuck and having the life you truly want
  • The secret two-part formula that allows you to break FREE from the prison of your past and effortlessly step into your calling (it’s not magic, but kinda feels like it!)

Register for this free energy workshop to recognize and release the deeper unhealed layers that are blocking the life you want to have!

This live event will be held on
Tuesday March 12th, 1:30-2:30 pm PT

Limited Spots Available!
This is designed to be a small intimate live workshop, grab your spot today.

(Replay available for those who register)

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