Freedom Foundations with Veronika Archer
Freedom Foundations with Veronika Archer

A course for high achievers who've tried it ALL to heal from narcissistic trauma and are ready to shift into peace and calm once and for all.

In this course you will learn:


The science-backed method to quickly release painful emotions and stop triggers in their tracks (because you can't out-think triggers!)


How to magnetize your desires using the foundational principles of quantum science. This isn't your typical manifestation, and it's not magic, either, it's just science!


Why being deeply present allows you to reclaim your authentic self and live the life you desire without carrying other people's energy anymore.


How to effortlessly communicate and maintain your boundaries when you embody peace and calm by using 5,000-year-old tantric philosophies.


How you most likely learned to breathe in a way that triggers your body's biological fight/flight response, keeping you feeling stuck. Learn system regulation tools that release stress and anxiety instead.


The somatic principles that will allow you to release trauma trapped in your body so you can be FREE from the subconscious programming creating painful patterns in your life.


How to tap into your intuitive indicator system so you can confidently make decisions and no longer look like prey to toxic people.


How to shift into new states of peace, calm, freedom, and happiness, and rewire your system so you can maintain these positive states.

Veronika Archer


Dates: Fridays beginning September 29th

Time: 1:30 – 3:30 Los Angeles time / 9:30 pm London time / 6:30 am (Saturdays) Sydney time

Location: Zoom

All replays and materials available online in a private member portal

Lifetime access to all materials

The knowledge and techniques I have been learning from you have been making a big difference in my ability to handle a myriad of stressors in my life in a calm and healthy way. As a result I have more energy and am able to achieve my daily goals in a healthy and balanced way. Thank you!!


I'm getting triggered less. I don't feel it in my body as strongly as before. I am learning to trust my intuition more and more!

I feel so much lighter. I am free of the angst of continual uncertainty about myself, my actions, my worth; and about what others may think of me.

I am not burdened by past memories. I spend little time in emotional flashback and am able to re-center myself quickly and easily.

My baseline state is quiet joy which is becoming less quiet. I feel confident. I accept, love and celebrate myself.

I enjoy setting intentions and watching them blossom. I am connected with my spirit guides and able to rely on clear intuitive information. Music arises in me spontaneously. I smile and laugh much more.

D. McCoy

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