Awaken Your Intuition with Veronika Archer
Awaken Your Intuition with Veronika Archer

If you’ve already had some success breaking free from toxic relationship patterns but you feel like more is possible; you’re just not sure how to break the cycle of ruminations, then this FREE Masterclass is for YOU!

Veronika Archer

I’m Veronika Archer, a transformation guide supporting high-achieving professionals break free from painful relationship patterns and stop over-giving so they are free to experience peace and joy. I can’t wait to help you on your path to breaking the cycle of triggers and ruminations!

During this free Masterclass, you’ll discover:

  • The reason you’ll never be able to think your way out of triggers(hint: it’s based in biology)
  • Why a list of “red flags” is irrelevant to attracting healthy relationships.
  • The biological instinct of predators in the wild… and how to use this instinct to your advantage, so you no longer look like prey and are never manipulated again.
  • The reason your subconscious has been attracted to people who perpetuate painful relationship patterns and how to break free.
  • How to create the life you want with my Empowered Creation Cycle methodology.
  • How to confidently trust your intuition so you stop holding yourself back.
  • The one thing you have to do (that no one has told you before) in order to feel peace and joy daily (it really IS possible!)
In this masterclass, I’ll walk you through the foundational knowledge that I’ve shared with all my clients that has allowed them to break free from ruminations and triggers and start living authentically again.

Just take a moment and start to imagine what you’ll do when you stop ruminating and get all that time back.

  • Imagine the sense of peace you’ll feel washing over your body.
  • What will you create with all that time?
  • Imagine having no more triggers…how FREE will you feel?
  • Just imagine who you will be when you pursue your own interests instead of abandoning your own wants and needs to make someone else happy.

This masterclass is specifically designed for recovering perfectionists and people pleasers.

Frankly, to get the most out of this masterclass you should already understand the dynamics of a narcissist/empath relationship.

And you should be at the point where you’re saying to yourself:

“What was my role in this? I want to understand my role because I don't want to repeat the same unhealthy relationship patterns.”

If you’re still blaming everything on your ex, you could still sign up. But, until you’re willing to look at your own role, your own shadow self, you won’t be able to break the cycle of ruminations and triggers and take your freedom back.

You might be a recovering perfectionist/people pleaser if:

  • You find high level of success in most areas of your life, no-one would believe you were in a toxic relationship
  • You’re only “good enough” if you do everything well
  • You’re starting to make your own needs and desires a priority in your life
  • You are responsible for *everything*, taking on things that are above and beyond your role (whether at work or at home)
  • Because you’re willing to take things on, people may have taken advantage of you in the past by putting their responsibilities onto you
  • You think it’s easier to be single and are afraid to try dating because you don’t want to make that mistake again
  • Your “narcissist radar” is going off all the time … you’re suddenly aware of narcs everywhere in your life
  • You’re doing things to make yourself happy as well as all the self-care stuff or personal development work … but you still get triggered and stuck in ruminations
  • You feel responsible for other people’s emotions and well-being … you just want them to get help
  • You speak your boundaries and don’t understand why other people don’t respect them
  • You can’t live authentically because you’re holding yourself back

I promise, it’s not all in your head…and you’ll see exactly why and what you need to do to start trusting yourself and to awaken your intuition when you attend the FREE Masterclass.

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