2022 Transformation Experience

Are you someone who wants to:

    • Be FREE from painful relationship patterns once and for all and magnetize the RIGHT partner?

    • Stop losing HOURS of precious time to painful triggers so you can actually feel PEACE and CALM in life?
    • Connect with your intuition (yes, it really IS possible for you!) so you can trust yourself and be confident in your choices
    • Feel the JOY of being loved for YOU exactly as you are (no more feeling trapped in the wrong relationship!)

Well, that's exactly what my program can do for you!

To support you in creating a life where you get to be YOU, you will learn how to:

    • Identify hidden imprints that are causing painful relationship patterns to repeat (it's often not what you think!)
    • RePrint™ the root cause of your painful relationship patterns so you can magnetize the partner that is RIGHT for YOU (this can’t be done with cognitive strategies alone)
    • Learn how to trust yourself and your intuition so you can be confident in your choices (no more making that mistake again!)
    • Be free from painful triggers and develop a state of calm and peace within your life

Is This Right for you?

    • You’ve left a toxic relationship and are ready to be FREE of thoughts of your ex.
    • You're ready to finally prioritize yourself so you can get to the other side much faster.
    • You’re conscientious and want to put your resources (time, money, attention) where they can make the most impact by focusing on the RIGHT thing.
    • You know the right coaching will help you see the blindspots you can’t see on your own and you’re ready to receive support to be free from your subconscious programming.
    • You love being able to give and receive support in a community of like-minded people

In this program you get:

    • 12 Live Experiential Sessions via zoom scheduled at twice per month
      ✓ Replays available if you’re not able to participate in person
    • 6 “Ask Me Anything” Sessions via zoom scheduled at once per month where I will personally answer EVERY question you may have
      ✓ Replays available if you’re not able to participate in person
    • “Fast Track” Optional Focus Materials to use in your spare time at home to greatly speed up your results
      ✓ “Mini Masterclass” video teachings
      ✓ Guided audio practices
      ✓ Reflection Tools to help you deeply understand where your imprints are coming from – and finally shine light on the darkest parts of your consciousness
      Downloadable and lifetime access so you can continue to integrate at home or revisit whenever you need a refresher
    • Optional Weekly Journal with prompts related to the month’s topic so you can continue integrating in between sessions
    • Exclusive member portal with all program materials
    • Daily Support in our Private Facebook group where you can get support from Alums, myself, and each other!
      ✓ Lifetime access so you can stay connected with your peers and continue to get support even after the program.
    • Lifetime access to all the program materials and replays

Program Details: The program runs from February to July 2022. Zoom sessions will be scheduled to best accommodate time zones of participants and all sessions will be available as replays.


6 installments of

$333 USD

Lifetime Access to the Transformational Program (described above)


2 installments of

$999 USD

Lifetime Access to the Transformational Program (described above)


Bonus! ($500 Value

Two 50-minute Coaching Sessions with Veronika

(Both to be used between February and November 2022)

RePrinting ™ LEVEL

1 installment of

$1,997 USD

Lifetime Access to the Transformational Program (described above)


Bonuses! ($1000 Value)

One 90-minute RePrinting ™ session with Veronika

Two 50-minute Coaching Sessions with Veronika

(Both to be used between February and November 2022)


9 installments of

$222 USD

Lifetime Access to the Transformational Program (described above)

** We want this program to feel like an amazing fit for you. If you come in, do the work inside the member area, show up on the group call, ask questions and feel at the end of 14 days, the program is not what you are looking for, your investment will be refunded.

Still not sure if this is right for you?

Check out these testimonials from previous clients!

I have learned to find happiness within myself.

I have become much more stable emotionally, with no serious outbursts at all, which really surprised me when I thought about it.

I have come to see that there's so much more for me in the world, so many more possibilities for happiness.

I have learned that I am enough the way that I am, but the paradox is that I want to be more, that I know that I can be more, and that I am actively trying to become more!

- Erik I.

I'm getting triggered less.

I don't feel it in my body as strongly as before.

I am learning to trust my intuition more and more!

It WILL change your life.

If you put in the time and work on yourself even for just a few minutes a day, it will change you for the better. Small steps forward are better than going backwards or even staying in the same place.

You owe it to yourself to give yourself a better life.

If you are willing to put in the work, then it is worth it!

- Ginny

I'm more consciously aware of some of my thought patterns, and I'm starting to be able to derail the negative thought loops.

I moved across the country during the program. I think I would've had a much harder time with this move if I hadn't been enrolled during this time.

- Kelly

You can't afford not to work with Veronika.

If you want to create your best possible life, here is your golden ticket.

Take it!!

I feel so much lighter. I am free of the angst of continual uncertainty about myself, my actions, my worth; and about what others may think of me.

I am not burdened by past memories.

I spend little time in emotional flashback and am able to re-center myself quickly and easily.

My baseline state is quiet joy which is becoming less quiet.

I feel confident. I accept, love and celebrate myself.

I smile and laugh much more.

- D. McCoy

I'm very grateful for having this experience, which is life-changing for me.

I have become more aware of my imprints, becoming more grounded, a bit more self-confident

I can set better boundaries and can voice if I don't agree with someone or if I feel my needs are not met.

Let's put it this way: I cannot not voice these things anymore!

I need to put my needs “first” more and I'm not able to let anyone “walk over me” anymore.